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Sea Marsh Coastal Lodge Renovations

Posted August 11, 2020

“Sea Marsh Coastal Lodge has undergone an extensive remodel over the past 13 months. 

The inspiration for the remodel began with the incredible unobstructed view of the beautiful and breathtaking marshlands. With that being said, we wanted the overall palette in the rooms to be neutral, and we wanted the windows to be adorned with drapes that allowed our guests to feel the healing effects of the marsh views, as unobstructed as we could make possible.

With creamy whites and warm neutrals enveloping the space, selecting high performance and functional finishes became a top priority. 

Luxury vinyl planks were selected for the flooring due to their durability and for the ease of cleaning. We wanted to soften the look of the luxury vinyl planks by adding modular floor carpet tiles that could be easily switched out in the event that one becomes damaged or soiled. In continuance to support our "Every day is Earth Day" mission, we selected carpet tiles made of recycled material by a company in Georgia. It was a win-win situation for our overall aesthetics and the environment. 

Turning to the bathrooms, we wanted to incorporate a high-end look while being very functional and extremely durable. We found another incredible company from our home state to fabricate our shower liners and a local company out of Jacksonville, FL to fabricate our frameless shower doors. All of our vanities and countertops were made and furnished by local fabricators.

After all the finishes were selected for the space, and layouts were determined, we completely gutted the units down to the stud. Every single piece of drywall in every room was completely replaced. 

I could go on and on and on about all the amazing things that we’ve done to these rooms, but the one thing that I think it’s important to take away is that we used local artisans whenever possible. The drapes, cabinets, shower doors, and carpet tiles were all procured from local vendors. What most don’t know is that most hotel furniture fixtures and equipment come strictly from overseas. 

Some of our other furniture fixtures and equipment came from a company called Room and Board. These products were made stateside by incredible artisans. 

In a world of COVID-19, we are making our guest’s safety as our top priority, by taking measures that people may never ever think about. Our air-conditioning units are completely self-contained, meaning you’re not breathing air from another guest room or a common corridor. Typically, when a guest is staying at a hotel, the lobby and the corridors are all contained within the same building as the guest rooms. When the air is running it is pulling in air to cool from other places and that includes public spaces.

We appreciate all of the hard work our staff and contractors have done in order to make these rooms a peaceful and beautiful place to stay."


Deanna Carter

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